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New route on Mont Maudit

Last September 30 Enrico Bonino and Paolo Stroppiana, member of the Club 4000, have opened a new route on the East side of Mont Maudit. The street, which has been christened "Reve Caché", presents difficulties 5 + MR 4c. The complete description of the way, enriched with numerous photos and a movie, is stated on the website at Bonino

Congratulations to both for the great undertaking!

(Communication Bonino, October 3 2008)

New route on the Northern Grigna dedicated to Franz Rota Nodari

Last 2 April Benigno Balatti, in the company of his wife Giovanna Cavalli, has opened a new route on the west face of the Northern Grigna, dedicating it to Franz Rota Nodari. The way, which was called "Feel free"(Feel free), spread over 450 m with slopes to 70 ° and overall difficulty D.

Read on Forum the complete news, reported by the member Raffaele Morandini.

FM - 10 April 2018

New Evenings of Franz Rota Nodari

FranzROTANODARI CalendarSerate2017 2018Our partner Franz Rota Nodari plans a new series of conferences on the theme "82 Times 4000 - Ten Years of High Altitude Emotions" with the following calendar:

- 9 November 2017 at Vimercate (MB)
- November 18 2017 in Castrovillari (CS)
- November 29 2017 in Almese (TO)
- 27 January 2018 in Macerata
- in spring 2018 in Barlassina (MB)

Click on the chosen date to view the relevant poster.

(FM November 7 2017)

New life for our FORUM

The Club 4000 Forum is active again, in a different guise, but entered as an integral part of the site; even the previous contributions have been migrated into the new structure (see. "The old and the new site").

On the Forum page, there is a "buttonHelp"With all explanations for the correct use of the features available.

Suggest to those who want to contribute to the topics of the Forum first read "Registration procedures"; It can also be helpful to look at"test upload: Barre des Ecrins - 2010", And footnotes.

(FM March 21 2011 - Agg. April 19 2011)

New board of the club 4000

During the Meeting of shareholders, held on 28 last November, he was elected the new Board of Directors, which will last for three years. The new CD is composed by Piero Bianco, Luke Calzone, Luigi Costa, Alexander Ebner, Daniela Formica, Roberto Magnaguagno, Flavio Melindo, Righes Giuseppe, Marco and Paolo Stroppiana Tatto.

In the first meeting of 29 December, the Executive Board has appointed Luciano Ratto Honorary Chairman; Daniela Formica and Paolo Stroppiana respectively were elected President and Vice-President.

(FM - December 29 2009)