Free to concatenate

Author: Franz Nicolini with Rosario Fichera
Publisher: CDA & Vivalda publishers, Torino
Necklace: The OFFLINE Outside
First Edition: 2009
Format: cm 16x24 - 240 Pages - Paperback - Illustrations


About top of a peak has not dreamed at least once, to continue its climb climbing a peak after another? Franz Nicolini, Mountain Guide thirty, this dream carried it out, more, he has made it his style and has well told in the book "Free to concatenate". Assemblages, those of Nicolini, which recorded sports records, which could be debated by the nose to the more orthodox mountaineers. The author, however, immediately evacuate the camp from any controversy, explaining how the stopwatch is for him a way (out of necessity and safety) and not an end. The reader through the assemblages of Nicolini, will travel from east to west throughout the Alps. Through diaries, images and especially the stories that find space in the book, it is not hard to identify himself in the same author, in his work, but also his joys. In the tables that correlate the book, they hit the big differences in height and the numerous kilometers driven during the chaining of 4000. So how it remains at "open mouth" reading the climbing routes climbs in succession and reported in the diaries with so much of the length of the cable and degrees of difficulty. In the book it is clear that Franz radically interprets the "Linkage philosophy." In fact, his companies has always covered the distances with their legs, making trips on foot or by bicycle. This is the style in which Nicolini loves to get in touch with the mountain, whether it be its Dolomites, that of the highest Western Alps. In the pages of the book the author traces a brief portrait of Patrick Berhault, that was his reference point. It 'just to the French champions, who died in 2004 the Swiss Alps, as he was about to perform concatenation of all four 82, which Nicolini took inspiration for his project x 82 82. Berhault had in common with the concept of lightness and speed, which applied to all his climbs. Franz Nicolini, which also boasts Himalayan experience, has the merit of having restored dignity to the Alps, stressing that these mountains are still a place to live adventures. Just by comparison with the Himalayas as the author explains, enough to want it, you may find yourself alone and isolated even in the Alpine region. After climbing all in just four 82 60 days, Nicolini has become a member of Club 4000. In the chapter "4000 Line" we are talking about this Club, its founders and the birth of collecting peaks, in addition, of course, his record company. The only drawback of this fine book is to not have an index. A real lack, which penalizes find topics, especially during any re-readings. Lack who pose remedy below, showing the list of chapters, of which each title is also the name of a different company Franz Nicolini.


  • "Via Dolomieu". Free and fast

  • The chaining of the "Seven Streets"

  • "Tuttolagorai"

  • In winter on the "Via Dolomieu". A journey into the soul

  • Premiered at the Kunlun Shan

  • fast ascent to Cho-Oyu. My first eight thousand

  • "Dolomiti 106". On the ridges of freedom

  • "4000 Line". The "king" of the assemblages

  • "Dolomiti Legend". Free from the time

In conclusion, a praise goes also to the many and suggestive photographs that complement the book.

Raffaele Morandini

(Marzo 2012)