The "Club 4000" was established in 1993 from Luciano Ratto e Franco Bianco in order to constitute a reference point and meeting place for all collectors of peaks higher than 4000 m, useful for the exchange of information, documentation and experiences on 4000 of the Alps (see. "Brief History of the Club 4000").

Currently the Club 4000 is a group of Turin Section of the Italian Alpine Club, according to a precise regulation. More information can be had from circular sent to members and communique He appeared in the Journal of CAI Torino "Mountains and Valleys".

To join this Club you must have risen at least 30 peaks (originally 50 ...) of 82 appear under 'official list acknowledged UIAA

Membership application and ask questions about your Club information should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The membership application must contain the following data:

- Name and surname;
- Date of birth;
- E n. phone;
- E-mail address, if available (if you do not want to appear on the Web site, explicitly request);
- List of 4000 risen among those listed in 'Official list approved by UIAA, Giving the date, the ascent route and possibly the name of the climbing companions;
- Date of last 4000 rose for the first time;
- Possible notes; Any submission by the other Club 4000 member or a CAAI member or the President of the CAI Section of belonging.

Membership can be requested completing the appropriate tab in Excel format and sending it as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; a contribution is due upon receipt of confirmation of acceptance one-off Euro 20,00 to be made by transfer on the postal cc No. 13439104 payable to the CAI (specify the reason of Turin Section), by sending the amount by post by check nontransferable, blocked, or (preferably) by bank transfer specifying the reason (IBAN: IT91B0200801137000103565012, beneficiary CAI Torino Club 4000).

The application for membership implies the acceptance that the supplied data are published on the website of the Club 4000.