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Project "Quintino Sella" - work in progress


Brindisi finaleWith the last rotation of October 13 you are completed the work to Cap Sella. During the summer, the electrical system was completed, the yard was cleaned and the garbage dumped down; had also been taken over a water tank from 1000 liters. The refuge book has recorded the passage of numerous ropes, a sign that the Rochers Way still has its charm for high mountain lovers.

With the latest finishing works, two webcams have also been installed, looking at the Mont Blanc Glacier and Dome Glacier respectively.

The refuge is now officially agile; it is recommended to all mountaineers to treat it with care due to this ancient shelter, recalling the engagement of 1885 to build it, the great mountaineers who have used it over the years and the work to restore it. Restoration made possible thanks also to the contribution given by many entities and partners, whose name will be kept at the CAI Turin headquarters.

There is a new climb to replace the current one, made more difficult and dangerous by the glacier retreat and rising temperatures; but for this additional effort it may be necessary to resort to the generosity of mountain lovers.


Spit for Sella descentFirst descent from the hut up to the Miage glacier to locate a new, more secure route.
Luke Calzone, current President of the Club 4000, Antonio Engineers, project supervisor, with Mario and Gianni Predan Guide Ravello, employed around 6 hours to reach the base of the spur, marking the route. E 'was necessary to install six stops with bolts in order to make as many abseiling on the steeper final, two of which are vertical. This part is the one that needs to be equipped to allow the ascent.
On the steep meadows upstream of the vertical stroke, a new equipped path will be needed.
At 3.107 m the remains of the Aiguilles Grises hut were found, the first shelter built in 1875. On Facebook page . of the cap. Sella you can see several of the descent images.


The masonry work was completed and any necessary refinements to the external structure of the hut were made. It was completed the work of accommodation at perfect rule of art of all tinware, mountain side and side ref. Gonella, and were set in tension the external and internal tie rods.

It was installed the heating system Grammer, who has started to send hot air; it remains to finish the insulation of the delivery pipe and install an elbow to drain condensate in return.

They were completed the works of cleaning of the walls and floors of the dormitory and dining room, with excellent results.

Unfortunately, removal of damaged parts of the dormitory floor revealed a strong state of deterioration in the underlying structure and the pillars of the hut, which will require a recovery intervention not foreseen in the work plan.

It divided the work for the completion of the restoration of the Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers Mont Blanc.
Today first inspection by helicopter of the 3.370 meters of the hut by the head of the construction site, plus other staff people; with the occasion it was decided to transport the necessary material for the final arrangement of the fixtures.
Please remember that with the opening of the yard and up to the end of the work the shelter is closed to the public for security reasons.


The site closes

With today's date il construction site of the Cap. Sella closes for the 2015. In the picture to the right you see the sky-workers that si preparing to go on the helicopter for the last trip of the season that will take them back to the valley. External works are completed, and the hut is ready to face the long winter period, anticipated by the first snowfall and the temperature which has now fallen below zero.

We have to congratulate the team that has made a big job in often difficult conditions both for the same location of the hut for weather conditions.

As usual on Facebook page dedicated you can see the spectacular photos taken from a helicopter, which give a good idea of ​​the cabin position. Our thoughts turn to the amazing feat in 1885 made by our great-grandparents, who brought to shoulder all the material needed to build this eagle's nest, the conservation of which is also a tribute to their work.

The work will resume in the next season with the restoration of fixtures and the internal parts and the safety of the doorway.

More than ever we need the help of all lovers of high mountains to complete the work. The subscription is always open, you can help by transfer to the Civil Code. 000103565012 payable to "CAI TORINO CLUB 4000" Iban IT91B0200801137000103565012, UniCredit Bank AG. 37, specifying as a causal "Contribution Capanna Sella. "Whether big or small, every contribution is important!


October 12 2015In very bad weather, yesterday was completed the roof covering. Postponed several times, the operation started trusting weather that gave a window of good weather for a few days. As often happens, the bad weather has anticipated the arrival, making it difficult to work and threatening to impede the return to the valley of the workers.

Congratulations to the whole team and the helicopter pilot!

Read on Facebook page the diary of the day.

There are still some work to do, but in any case the hut is now able to face the storm safely.


On the Facebook page dedicated to the restoration of the saddle barn has been published many photographs illustrating some details of the restoration work in progress.


Update the 9 / 09 / 2015.

Taking advantage of the good weather of Mont Blanc window yesterday morning at 11 rose by helicopter to the hut Quintino Sella the nostril sky workers, to continue the arrangement of a perimeter stone walls. They will stay until tomorrow night, then the time should fail ....


It was held in Turin, the Monte dei Cappuccini, an important meeting to take stock of the situation on the restoration of the Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers. Present the entire board of the Club4000, Ing. Antonio Engineers and Osvaldo Marengo vice-president of the Cai Torino.


Update the 24 / 08 / 15.

20150824Were already insulated, waterproofed and re-coated with drywall, the north side and half of the west and east sides. The roof has already been partly realized in the valley.

Look at photos and videos on Facebook.


Update the 14.08.15:
"The work to proceed Sella Hut well, the platforms on the side Gonella, and was dismantled half of the dry stone cladding of the perimeter wall were completed".

Look at photos and videos on Facebook.


Compressorwest platform

south platform2 team

With slightly behind schedule due to bad weather conditions, work began at the Hut, with the transport of the necessary materials at the opening of the yard. You can see on the relevant page FaceBook ( Many photographs of altitude. In the photo the President of the Club 4000 posing with the team of workers on the newly installed platform.


29 Wednesday, weather permitting, They will begin work at the Shack!


all formal documents were sent to the start of work in the City, ASL, ISPESL beginning 27 Monday. The town of Courmayeur allows the area to Combal for temporary storage until end of season.


Having examined the bids received, the Club4000 Executive Board has decided to award the work of maintenance of the Capanna Sella Punch firm Caprie (TO).


Check vertical planesCarried out the survey with the managers of the companies involved in the work.
During the inspection it was noticed a worsening of the retaining wall (see photo); the external protection antoni is animate with difficulty and one is no longer possible to close it properly. It confirms the urgent need for commencing work.


Awarded the landscape authorization by the commission in charge of the Valle d'Aosta region, there will be a short presentation of the DIA to the Municipality of Courmayeur and the identification of companies for the execution of the work. The project will also participate in the fund stable notice shelters set up by the CAI Central to obtain additional financing