Records on 4000

Intention of this section is to report the information relating to mountaineering exploits or any record that is carried on 4000.
The Club 4000 not advocates certainly no high mountain race: it is true that mountaineering is a game, but it is a deadly serious game!

The Matterhorn without legs or arms

Jamie Andrew, Scottish 47 years, managers in company safety at work, married, three children, in January 1999, remained blocked for five days on a ledge on the north wall of Droites, due to the storm and heavy snowfall. His companion, Jamie Fisher, did not survive to a bivouac at least 30 °, while he was saved at the last minute and taken to hospital in Chemonix: his body was 33 ° and the four limbs had to be completely frozen amputarli. But Jamie did not lose heart: a few months later could have to drive the car, in 2002 saliva to Mont Maudit, and 2004 was the summit of Kilimanjaro. The 4 August this year has reached, with two leaders, the Matterhorn that already had rejected in 2014. Following the Hörnli ridge, Jamie took six hours to rise and half an hour more to go down. It has used two steel telescopic poles attached to the stumps of the forearms, a method that had already experienced the Mont Blanc, when missed the top to two hundred meters due to bad weather, and two prosthetic legs on similar to those of carbon fibers taken from the famous South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, Paralympic champion holder of world records in his category on 100, 200, 400 meters.

(LR - Source: La Stampa 11-08-2016)

All in 4000 62 days

the Swiss Ueli Steck, 38 years, the famous record holder for having climbed the Eiger North (2008) in hours 2, 47 'and 33' ', the north of the Grandes Jorasses (2008) in 2 and 21 hours', the north face of the Matterhorn (2009) in 1 and 56 now 'and full crest of Peuterey (2013) in 16 and 9 hours', has risen, in 2015 spring-summer, 62 days the tops of the official 82 4000 of the Alps, two days more than members of the Club 4000 Franz Nicolini and Diego Giovannini, Who hold the record for taking 60 days 26 between June and August 24 2008.

The firm Steck has been slowed by the bad weather and an injury to his companion, the German Michael Wohlleber, who was forced to retire due to an unhappy landing during the descent in paragliding from Schreckhorn.
The comparison between the two companies makes honor and glory to our two friends.
(LR - August 2015)

New record on Mont Blanc

Mountain races are not exactly in the spirit of the Club 4000, so much so that sometimes we do not give news of speed records.

But this time we have to mention the new climbing records from the square of Courmayeur the summit of Mont Blanc and back set by Marco De Gasperi in 6h43'52 '. The record was made along the normal route from the Italian ref. Gonella, with assistance on the way to mountain guides Adriano Greek, Michele Compagnoni, and Lucio Trucco, mountain rescue of the Guardia di Finanza of Entreves and athletes Martin Anthamatten and Franco Colle.

(FM - July 17 2015. Source:

First base-jump from Matterhorn

The June 7 2014 Swiss Geraldine Fasnacht, the canton of Vaud, and Julien Meyer, the canton of Neuchâtel, made the first descent of the Matterhorn in wingsuit (base-jumping). After making the climb to the Hörnli ridge with two guides, the two jumpers have reached with a short double the starting point and threw themselves on the east wall, then landing at the foot of the north face, after touring around the mountain. The daily Le Matin published a short video on the flight.

(Source: of 14-06-2014)

The integral of Peuterey in 16 9 hours and minutes

Last August 13 2013 Swiss Ueli Steck It has traveled the whole crest of Peuterey in 16 9 hours and minutes. Started from Val Veny to 4, 8.30 was on the Noire and just before the 15 reached the summit of Mont Blanc. Broken down to 15.35, following the French normal route, shortly after 20 was in Les Houches.

A detailed description of the organization can be read on

(Source: the 4 September 2013)