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The 3900 of the Alps

- Cover - I 3900 of the Alps - Paleari, Ferrari, Volken.jpg

Author: Alberto Paleari, Erminio Ferrari, Marco Volken

Publisher: MonteRosa Editions
First Italian edition: March 2016
Format: cm 23x16 - 236 pages - Paperback - Illustrations: Color photos
ISBN: 9788894095517

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Same rope - Same passion

- Cover - Guide-Customers - Gogna.jpg
Author: Paolo Ascenzi, Alessandro Gogna
Publisher: New Paths
First Italian edition: October 2015
Format: cm 22x23,5 - 426 pages - Hardcover - Illustrations; photo B / N
ISBN: 9788897863335


The guardian of the Matterhorn

My life at Hörnli Hut


Author: Kurt Lauber

A. Garbagnati Translation

Publisher: Bellavite

First Italian edition: November 2017

Format: cm 14x21 - 240 pages - Hard cover - Illustrations: color photos

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The mountains and the scent of must

The mountains and the scent of the wort Alberto Paleari Book cover

Author: Alberto Paleari

Publisher: Monte Rosa editions

Necklace: The Paruschiole

First Italian Edition: September 2015

Format: cm 11x18 - 231 pages - Paperback - Illustrations: pictures in B / N

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Memories of alpine life

Ugo di Vallepiana Memories of Alpine life book Cover

Author: Ugo di Vallepiana

Publisher: Tamari Editors (Bologna)

Necklace: Voices from the mountains

First Italian edition: April 1972

Format: cm 12x19 - 135 pages - Hardcover - Illustrations: photos in B / W

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Matterhorn unknown

Matterhorn unknown

Authors: L. and G. Aliprandi, E. Rizzi, Luigi Zanzi

Publisher: Big issues - Enrico Monti Foundation

First Edition: April 2016

Large format - 173 pages - Flexible Cover - Illustrations

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Ski mountaineering and skiing Steep

The 4000 of the Alps


Authors: Loris De Beard, Francesco Vascellari

Publisher: ViviDolomiti Editions (Belluno)

First Edition: December 2016

Format: cm x 24 16 - 160 pages - Cartonato Dutch - Illustrations: artistic photos, color descriptive photos, data sheets, topographical maps

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The pearl of the Brenta

The most beautiful classical, modern means in the Brenta Dolomites

The Brenta pearls 2 (Cover)

Author: Franco Nicolini

Publisher: Alpine Studio (Lecco)

First Italian Edition: May 2015

Format: cm 13x19 - 207 pages - Paperback - Illustrations: Color photos and data sheets

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