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17/08/2013 09:14 - 17/08/2013 09:16 #1300 da Aldo Tosetti
Hello, this idea came to me when I read between the "latest news" site that Daniela Formica had climbed the Dent d'Herens at the 150mo anniversary of the first ascent to the top, and back to me forcefully in the head now that I read the wonderful ascent made by Franz, Mara and Vim Channel Saudan the Tournette. Let me explain: now almost thirty (28) shareholders who have climbed all the 82 4000, but looking at the page of the members it seems that, in those who in the 1988 2013 2008 who in etc., Have stopped, while instead we read that they are still in business and that business! therefore I propose to add (if technically possible, are not a competent) to this page another column next to that "last 4000" like "82 and beyond" (or otherwise) for use by those who have completed 82, in which to update from time to time the date of their last repetition and, if possible, from there with a click or give access to a new page reserved for them (but readable at all) or to a new category of the Forum, in which can communicate the latest repetitions performed, or report the relationships last repetition etc ..
I point that this is a hypothesis but the important objective would, in my opinion, to illustrate to all readers of the site the continuity climbing of those who have already climbed the 82 4000 82 and even that is not a stop sign, but only a passage intermediate to more continued success. Hello, and good climbs at all.
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Thank You: Franz Rota Nodari

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17/08/2013 18:06 #1302 da Piero Bianco
Hello Aldo,
I first of all thank you for your suggestion that I believe, as all the contributions we receive from visitors to our sites, always useful and important to be transposed.
I must tell you that we are planning a revision of the site (for technical issues), the idea was also to be able to do so, even following what I consider excellent results of the 82x365 project site (for today there are almost 300 climbs recorded by our members and, in my opinion, are missing several that have been recorded only as new climbs but have not been implemented on 82x365 project).
One of the ideas was precisely to allow to record also the successive ascents to "4000" that are carried out by our members, so not only for the "full-82", but also for all the others, so as to be able to trace the ' mountaineering activities of all our members.
We're in this moment, however, verifying the possibility of putting into practice and this will keep you updated about it.

I tell you that, thanks to this your idea, I had the idea to ask our shareholders other ideas to their being conducted on our site.
Hello and thanks
Thank You: Franz Rota Nodari

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