Provisions for restoration Capanna Sella

23/04/2015 07:09 #1430 da Aldo Tosetti
Hello, it is likely that you have already discussed the feasibility and estimated the economic advantages and disadvantages, but to raise funds for the restoration of the Sella hut to the White Roches you could not print a postcard with a picture of the hut, (as it was for some shipments), for sale at a fixed price?
Many small contributions can make a big cifra.Credo that many of us could take care of their distribution involving perhaps its membership section.
I realize that it is easier to make proposals to work on it, and I do not know the organizational and fiscal problems of such an initiative, but I think that an idea can be a small contribution. Hello, Aldo (of course, if you did, I think I already committed to the spread in my part)

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