New Way dedicated to Franz Rota Nodari - Grignone

09/04/2018 22:54 #1529 da Raffaele Morandini
What better way to remember our dear Franz, if not to dedicate a New Way to him?

The mandellese thought about it Benigno Balatti, who in the company of his wife Giovanna Cavalli, April 2 2018 has signed a splendid vertical line on the west face of the Northern Grigna, dedicating it to Franz Rota Nodari. The Way was called "Feel free" (Feel free). It is about 450 mt with slopes at 70 ° and overall difficulty D.

It 'a way that would have liked a lot to Franz, who as Balatti was looking for this kind of ways, in places "unusual". And just like Balatti, in the mountains, he was a couple with a mountaineer woman. So it is a nice "gift" to the memory of our friend and partner Franz.

Personally then, I can not but be doubly happy, because this tribute has been made in the mountains that are dearest to me, on which "I am at home".

The news has been reported in some newspapers (see link):

Benigno Balatti (1954 Class) is an Academic of the CAI with a lot of absolute Prime assets. It's theMan of Disgrace, because on Monte Disgrazia he wrote alpinism pages with an impressive sequence of Nuove Vie. When Balatti targets a mountain, it hardly leaves some unexplored ravines. Now, it would seem, having aimed at the mountain of his house, his Grignone. In fact, in recent years it has opened - and is still doing - a series of routes of extreme difficulty on this legendary mountain Lecco. Most of the streets, Balatti has climbed in the company of his wife Giovanna, who besides being a strong mountaineer, is an important runner.

Benigno Balatti, he trained alpinistically at the school of the legendary Giuseppe "Det" Alippi, of which he is a brother-in-law. It was precisely the "Det" to take it with him on the smooth walls of the Sasso Cavallo, where the two wrote part of the history of these walls, which were, before them, the legendary Riccardo Cassin.
From left: Giuseppe "Det" Alippi, Benigno Balatti, Raffaele Morandini, Pierluigi "Luigino" Airoldi

From today, the imposing west wall of Grignone, will be for me, not only the place of many experienced adventures, but also, above all, the memory of my dear friend Franz, which I will always remember enthusiastic and smiling.
Franz and Raffaele

Raffaele Morandini


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10/04/2018 13:23 #1530 da Tachi Weighing
A nice initiative, congratulations to the opener.

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15/04/2018 15:23 #1531 da Luciano Ratto
Magnificent initiative to remember dearly the dear Franz: you could not find better. Congratulations to Benigno and Giovanna who conceived and implemented it so readily.
Thank you.

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