Hello Aldo

11/08/2013 09:15 #1292 da Renzo Costenaro
Hello Aldo,

just yesterday I went to buy the new crampons with antizzocolo you had advised me. I also bought the pants to replace the old torn by ramponate and rocks. old material which required me even greater concentration and focus.
After Nadelgrat you wrote me to change them. I tried them tomorrow on the Weisshorn.
We have postponed a day because of the recent snowfall, otherwise now would be there in the thin air near you, happy, knowing nothing.
In these minutes we would have to start climbing: pine trees, the flowers, the pastures, animals, water, shelter, rocks, glaciers, snow, rocks, the top, the sky.
Instead I'm here to write on the club's website that you have made me know.
How many times we did together that road that I path today and is now covering your brother.
How many skiing together. How many climbs together. How many beers drunk to return.
The crossing of Lyskamm and Your red Paulaner after 110 3 km beneath your home to at night to go to the San Matteo in the day, emails, photos, phone calls, ..., illness, bereavement, Your children , ..., moments, emotions, hours, reflections, ...

Hello Aldo.

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+ August 10 2013 Cresta Rey Dufour Spitze
Thank You: Paul Brunatto

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