Club4000 was founded in 1993 by Luciano Ratto and Franco Bianco (see "Rivista del CAI", November-December 1993) with the aim to serve as a reference guide and meeting point for all "collectors" of summits higher than 4000 meters, useful to exchange information, documents, and experiences on the 4000's of the Alps.

At present Club4000 is a Group of Club Alpino Italiano, Section of Torino, according to specific Club Rules. Further information may be found in the letter sent to all members and in the Bullettin of CAI Torino "Monti e Valli".

To join the Club, mountaineers must have climbed at least 30 summits (originally 50...) out of the 82 reported in the official list recognized by 'U.I.A.A.

Requests for joining the Club or for information must be addressed to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

The request for joining must contain the following data:
- First name and name
- Date of birth
- Address and telephone number
- E-mail address, when available (if it should not appear on the Web site, please state it explicitly)
- List of the 4000's climbed, out of the official list of the UIAA, reporting date, climbed route and, possibly, the name of climbing partner(s)
- Date of the last 4000 climbed for the first time
- Any Notes: possible presentation by a Club4000 member, by a member of CAAI or by the President of the section of alpine club of membership.

The request may be sent to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. with this form in Excel format filled in every part; after the confirmation of the acceptance of the request, a one-shot sum of Euro 10,00 is requested. Payment can be made by bank transfer to the banking account of Club 4000, specifying the reason for payment (Account Name: CAI Torino Club 4000; Bank: UniCredit Banca, Ag. 37; Address: Via Pietro Micca 19/A – 10121 Torino; IBAN: IT91B0200801137000103565012; BIC SWIFT:  UNCRITM1AD7).

The request for joining implies the acceptance that all the data may be published on the Club4000 Website(s).